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John Lennon – his life and death

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John Lennon is very interesting figure in the world´s history. And it isn´t only about music.

He was active on political scene and it´s one of the people, who in his songs, his books and his interviews strictly promoted peace, love and the brotherhood of man. Also nowadays there are people, who respect his thoughts and who agree with them.

His childhood was sad. His father was a sailor and his mother died, when John was 14. He grew up by his aunt Mimi, who was his mum´s sister. At the age of 16 John Lennon started a band, from which the Beatles developed.

As a member of this group he had many affairs with their fans, although he was married and had a little son Julian.

In 1967 John met a japanesse artist called Yoko Ono. He fell in love with her and after the divorce with his first wife, he married her in Gibraltar. After breakup of the Beatles, John with Yoko left Britain for USA. He went on in musical carreer. Then Sean – second John´s son – was born. John retreated from the limelight and pursued Sean. He spent five years as a „house husband“ and Yoko looked after the money.

Afterwards, when he decided to return to writing songs and singing and when he had been completing his last album Double fantasy, John was shot by psychopath Mark David Chapman. It was really a black day in history – and not only in history of popular music, but in history of whole world, because on that day we lost one of the really great people.

The article I chose talks about the last part of John´s carreer and life and of his death too. It´s very sad that there are people, who are able to do something like this – kill someone. And Mark D. Chapman had no reason to do that… The murder of John Lennon is a tragic event. And the proof of his greatness is among others the number of people, who admire and respect him as a musician or as a human nowadays too.


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