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A letter for my idol Ville Valo (HIM)

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Dear Ville,

I hope you don´t mind my calling you with your first name. I simply had to write you a letter because I feel a strong need to tell you that your music is really wonderful. I spent the whole weekend listening to your song Angels cry blood. It sounds in my head all the time whereever I am and it ´s incredible. The melody is so tender and so rough at the same time. I don´t understand how this is possible. You must be a very sensitive person if you are able to write such a song. And all of your other songs sung by your interchangeble voice are also fantastic. For example Heartache every moment or my favourite one In joy and sorrow.

Sometimes there are moments when I´m simply discovering myself in the lyrics of what you have written and I tell to myself “how could he do that??!“. I´m confident that I would never be able to write something like that. I would like to tell you that I appreciate and admire you. How easy it is to write those words and how humble they look on the paper! But that´s truth. The same truth that everybody can find in your work.

The only thing I´m a little bit sad about is that all your songs are filled with such a pain. Sometimes I think about what must have happened to you. Why do you feel so miserable, lost and blue? I know that I won´t ever get answers to these questions but in any case I wish you to be happier, despite knowing that it would change your work and although I love your so called “love metal“.

There is one more thing I must write to you. You have my deep admiration because in spite of the insucces of your first album you didn´t surrender and went on recording your beloved music and – and this is very important – you didn´t change it. You only waited for someone who would understand it. And fortunately it happened – a lot of people began to understand what you´re trying to say. So I thank you for keeping your own style.

I´m looking forward to your concert which will take place in the Czech republic. I believe that seeing you live will be one of the best experiences in my life.
Thank you that you have read my letter.

Hold on, the best singer of the world,

With love,



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