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Personal letter

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Dear Charlie

I am terribly sorry that I have not written earlier to you, but as you know – I have been really very busy. It ´s harder and harder in school, maths, chemistry and physics are not understandable for me at all. But I will not talk about school, it is such a boring topic! Did Tom tell you about a new member of our family? It is a girl and her name is Nellie. She is really fantastic but openly – I do not understand very much why my daddy (in his age of 58) wanted one more child. But it is not important, she is wonderful and we all are happy that she is with us. And now something new about me personally - I fell in love with one boy and we have gone out together for over a month. I know that it is no long time but I must confess I am a really happy person. We understand each other very well and he is so kind and nice to me… I have never felt better. After all, you know the feelings when you are in love for first time…

And what about you, your life, your family? What are you all doing? How are you? I have not heard from you for ages! And now the biggest reason why I write to you: we are preparing a party because of my mum´s fortieth birthday. It will be celebrated on 4 April in our local pub Titan. Do you think you could come? I am confident she would be really pleased to have you there… Give my regards to Val and please write soon. I am looking forward to hearing from you and besides we need to know if you will come to my mum´s birthday party.

Best wishes



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