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Canada Fact Sheets

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Canada Fact Sheets: Unknown author

The book is divided into 32 chapters and has 66 sites. This book relates of the world´s second largest country – Canada. It describes Canadian landscape, talks about history of this interesting country, refers about Canadian people, political system, cultural traditions, sports that are played there, system of education and about many more topics that can be connected with writing about some country. In the book you can find some pictures as well. There are maps of the whole Canada and of the concrete areas that are described in the book or about which the book talks.

One of Canadian provinces is Saskatchewan. This strange name comes from word “kisiskatchewanisipi” which means “swift - flowing river”. The name is very logic although it does not seem to be when we look at it for fist time. Rivers are very important part of this province. The biggest of them are the Assiniboine, the South Saskatchewan and the Churchill. In Saskatchewan you can find a quite big number of lakes as well - that is why one eighth of Saskatchewan is covered by water. The other important things about the landscape are that one half of Saskatchewan consists of forests and one third of cultivated lands. The southern part of the province is relatively flat with occasional valleys. Saskatchewan is bordered by provinces Manitoba and Alberta, The Northwest Territories and with the United States. The shape of this province is rectangular and it´s area is 651 900 km2. In Saskatchewan there live about one million people, who have mainly come from Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Great Britain, France, Russia and so on in the past. The history: the aboriginal people were the Chipewyan Indians, who lived in the north. And there were some people with nomadic life-style as well. The first European explorer of this area was Henry Kelsey, who belonged to Hudson´s Bay Company – he visited Saskatchewan about 1690. Then was Saskatchewan owned by Hudson´s Bay Company. The government of Canada purchased the Territory in 1870. After 1905 there were years of prosperity – until the economical crash in 1929 that was connected with big draught. The recovery of economics came in 1940s and 1950s.

The most interesting about this book is that it discusses various topics about which it would be difficult to find information anywhere else. For example it gives readers knowledge of situation of women in Canada, of life style of the Inuit (that are dwellers of the arctic area in Canada) or about the Royal Canadian mounted police and simultaneously it answers to the main questions in which can be a reader interested.


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