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Do schools teach us the right stuff?

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The first thing I would like to say is that general knowledge we can get at a school like ours is very important. As far as I can see humans need to have some overview – if not for anything else, so for better dealing with problems they have to solve during their lives. But I am convinced that we should get to know as much as possible. The more the better. Why? Because we are here to help and understand – as the band Enigma sings in one of their songs. We should try to understand what the world is about and education is one of the ways which can help us with it.

Of course in real life it differs a bit from what I have already written. For example me – I really believe that those sentences I used in the first paragraph are right. But when I´m at school I do not really follow it. I think this is caused by that problem that the methods which are used at schools are a bit out of date and that the students aren´t motivated enough to do all they are able to. Another point is that the amount of information you get at school is too big and you simply can´t remember everything although you spend hours at home learning. I think it would be better if we got a smaller amount of infomation – only things which are really important and at least quite useful in real life. It would be easier to get it into the brain.

The other question which is related to the topic of this essay is whether the information we get from our teachers and read in our books isn´t out of date. This is a quite difficult problem because there are branches in which the progress is very fast and you can never be sure you are telling or reading the latest news. That´s why I would forgive the teachers saying something that is not the hottest new any more. According to what I think it is an unpleasant fact we have to make up with. And finally – I´m convinced that our educational system has bigger problems than this one.


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