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Astrology sees mankind as being not only influenced by hereditary (dědičný, vrozený) factors and the environment (okolí, prostředí) but also by the state (stav, rozpoložení) of our solar system at the moment of birth. (astrodienst.com)

We have 12 astrological signs, which are divided to 4 groups – Elements. The Elements are: Fire, Earth, Water and Air. Every Element consists of three signs.
Water signs are : Cancer, Scorpio and Piesces. For people born in any of these three signs is typical big sensitivity and deep and rich emotional life. They have huge imagination.
Air signs are: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Airy people are quick and animated.They apply their energies in various ways.
Fire signs are: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius (střelec).These people are spontaneous, impatient and impulsive and they have a lively imagination.
Earth signs are: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn (kozoroh). Earthy people react quitly and slowly. They are tenacious (vytrvalý) and emotionally slow to change.

And now I’d like to tell something about every sign.

The first sign of the horoscope is Aries. In this sign are born very friendly and active people, who are energetic, dynamic, impatient and impractical. They are self-confident, strong and they do everything to get, what they want.

The second is Taurus. This sign is calm, patient, materialistic, sceptical and conservative. They like to own something. They are romantic and love is very important for them.

The third is Gemini – the sign of twins. They are very quick, spontaneous and curious. For gemini is life always new and exciting game. They are humorous and they are very good acters.

The fourth sign is Cancer. Cancer is very emotional, sometimes over-sensitive person. He needs to guard people he loves. He´s romantic and tender. (něžný) He´s moody, lazy and excitable. The most important in his life is his family and his loved-ones.

The fifth – Leo. These people are lofty, good-hearted and arrogant. Their self-confidence is too high, Leos overrate themselves. They need to win, they must get what they want. They like to lead and often help the others.

Next sign is Virgo. These people aren´t very talkative, rather retiring. They have big sense for detail. Virgo is very critical person – to himself and to the others too. They desire for perfection and are humble, hardworking and practical. They like analysing too.

The seventh – Libra. People born in this sign are sociable, friendly, diplomatic, romantic and tolerant. They´re indecisive (nerozhodný) and they love harmony and balance.

Next sign is Scorpio. Scorpio is the most sexy sign. He´s got very interesting hypnotic look and some magic attraction. Scorpions are energetic, impulsive, exciting, jelous and they don´t let anybody to enter their soul.

Ninth sign is Sagittarius. These people are very clever, inteligent and charming. They´re optimistic, they love jokes and typical for them is a good mood. They are ambitious but not reliable (spolehlivý). And because of they´re direct (přímý) , they can be often untactful.

Number ten is Capricorn. People born in this sign are practical, matherialistic and conventional. They are reserved and reliable, hardworking and strict, patient and careful. Their career means very much for them. They can often be melancholic and sad.

Eleventh sign is Aquarius. This sign is a dreamer of future. People are unemotional, honest, reasonable and rebellious. (vzdorovitý) They´re inventive (vynalézavý, tvořivý) and foresighted. (předvídavý). They like freedom and their friends are very important for them.

And the last sign is Pisces. People born in this sign have great imagination. They are sensitive, often over-sensitive and idealistic. Pisces are helpful, compassionate (soucitný)understanding and kind. They often use intuition (intuice). The bad about them is that they are impractical and hypocritical. (pokrytecký).


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