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Reading, literature, my favourite author

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Reading as a source of getting information, American and British literature,
My favourite author

Well, I´ve chosen this topic because I love literature.

I consider it to be very important because reading brings you a possibility to gain new knoledge, to activate phantasy, to relax, to get to know your lenguage better, to write in a proper way and to understand people more. The characters you meet in the world created by the books are varios and sometimes you can even find your own personality in some of them.

But reading isn´t related only to books. Nowadays we can read newspaper, magazines, articles on the Internet, on teletext… we have many possibilities to find information we need. I think that reading is the best way how to do that because you don´t have to wait until the news on TV or radio starts, you just go, sit in comfortable armchair and read what you need. The most comfortable way how to search for information is nowadays the Internet, I think. You just sit in front of your computer, visit google website and in a moment you know all you wanted.

Now I would like to say something about the types of books. We have fiction and factual books. The fiction books can be for example detective stories, historical novels, fairy tales, fables and so on. On the other hand, literature of fact are biographies, descriptions of some events or explanations of some processe in physics, biology or chemistry.

I personally like novels best. I like many authors – Exupery, Coelho, Francis… but my favorite one is William Saroyan. It´s an american writer, whose family came from Armenia. He was born in 1909 in Fresno, California. He started his carreer writing short stories, which were publisched in various magazines. The story, which made him famous, was The daring young man on a flying trapeze. Saroyan wrote a large number of books that are often autobiographic. His most-known novel is called Tracy´s tiger. This book tells us a story of Thomas Tracy, who had an imagionary tiger. One day the tiger becomes real and this fact brings a lot of more or less funny situations.

In the end of my talk I would like to say something about famous American and British writers. From the English I´d like to mention Geoffrey Chaucer with his Canterburry tales, William Shakespeare with his undyiing plays, George Byron – the big figure of romantism, Oscar Wilde – a little bit controversial person of 19. century, Lewis Carrol, sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his famous Sherlock Homes, Agatha Christie with Hercule Poirot and present author of detective novels Dick Francis. Because of her commercial succes I think it would be a good thing not to forget J.K. Rowling and her books for children with a hero called Harry Potter.

The american authors I can´t forget are Edgar Allan Poe – the first one who wrote a horror story, the humorist Mark Twain with his Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, Jack London, Ernest Hemigway, whose Whom the bell rings is known all around the world, Francis Scott Fitzgerald and John Steibeck.


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